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Lorin Walker Madsen & The Hustlers
Urban Lounge Presents
Lorin Walker Madsen & The Hustlers
Nathan Spenser Revue, Lebaron, Band on the Moon

Wed, Jan 15 @ 08:00PM MST
The Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Ages 21+ only.
$5.00 (plus $2.25 service fee)

Salt Lake City is not known for its thriving music scene or world famous venues. There is no neon soaked strip, and booze is nearly illegal on Sunday. Before dismissing it entirely, many people think no further than the city’s reputation for harsh winters, and religious stronghold. Living amidst the myths and stereotypes, however, is Lorin Walker Madsen, and he has built his life out of music.
From an early age, it was clear to Madsen what he was meant to do. This meant dropping out of high school, buying a van, and hitting the road. Through the years (and a handful of projects) Lorin has fronted, drummed, and strummed his way back and forth across the country time and time again; further solidifying his “road dog” reputation with every twist and turn over the continental divide.
The recent months however, have found Madsen locked in his newly opened studio, solidifying ideas for a brand new project. “Differing from Blackhounds, Madsen’s previous endeavor; Lorin Walker Madsen will be more of a solo project, with live accompaniment by his band, “The Hustlers”. I’ve been writing and producing the songs, while working with some amazing live and studio musicians to capture the perfect energy and sound.” Since the project’s inception, Lorin has been releasing acoustic demos, which are available for free download at soundcloud.com/lorinwalkermadsen.
In addition to the acoustic demos, Madsen has 2 official releases in the works. Recorded with Matt Winegar (Primus, Coheed and Cambria), the tracks will be available for free download online, in addition to 7’ vinyl available at shows.
The year promises to be a busy one for the songwriter. With the winter months already filling with tour dates, and a full length scheduled for release in spring 2013, Madsen is looking forward with ample excitement. “I couldn’t be happier with the way things have been going, and am grateful to have the opportunity to spend my life doing what I love.”

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