March 2023

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3/19 3/20 3/21 3/22 3/23 3/24 3/25 The DIRTBALL LOW TRIBUTE CONCERT/BENEFIT The Home Team Pinback
3/26 Gorod Eric Bellinger: The Obsession Tour 3/27 Archer Oh Vancouver Sleep Clinic 3/28 Suicide Commando Theo Kandel & Wyatt Pike 3/29 Seeking the Sun Poolhouse Marine Corpse 3/30 Shergotty NEW BAND SHOWCASE 3/30 Ryan Leader & Friends Raining, Pouring + Wishing Well Grayscale 3/31 Indie Sleaze Party The Friends Show Sky Olson & The Valley Keep 4/1 Landon Cider CREEP Mortigi Tempo Foolin' Around with The Pickpockets FESTIVAL OF FOOLS Costume Concert A Traitor's Last Breath - Album Release
4/2 Wild Powwers Comedy Church: Easter 4/3 Black Belt Eagle Scout Citrus 4/4 Bombshell Flowers 4/5 Jacob T. Skeen Enumclaw Marqueza 4/6 Lewis OfMan The Generalist Murphy and The Giants Bad Luck Brigade 4/7 The Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites Rave Botanical Animal An Evening With: Vanessa Carlton Michigander 4/8 Worlds Worst The Murder Capital Marrlo Suzzanne and the Galaxxy Band - Drops of Jupiter - 2000's Rock Drag Show
4/9 VADER - 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR Andi 4/10 College Radio HASHA 4/11 Knoll Thomas Aren 4/12 SURFWAX Del Perro Scenic Byway 4/13 Over Under, Weep Wave, The Psychsomatics What the Heck! - A Queer Celebration Series In Celebration of Brad Barker Seeking Tragedy - Album Release 4/14 Bone Haus Ouija Macc - Ouija Knievel USA Tour 2023 Idi Et Amin SEGO (360° Surround Show) Guava Tree 4/15 Jabee KBP4 Locals Highlight Hollywood Gods n Monsters DAMIEN JURADO MARKED;LIFE High Wasted - Moulin Rouge Extravagana feat. Pangina Heals High Wasted - Moulin Rouge Extravagana feat. Pangina Heals The Drag Closet - Peep Show Revue - Drag Brunch