June 2023

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6/4 6/5 Eyes Buggy 6/6 Bedside Fishtank PROF: The Workhorse Tour 6/7 Pink Fuzz Lighten Up, Francis Arrival of Autumn Poor Sports Clan of Xymox 6/8 La Calavera Jack and the Fun-Guys Born of Two Nations IMAG!NARY FRIENDZ 6/9 Psychotic Reaction Sunsleeper Shrine Bayonne Death Cab For Cutie 6/10 sundiver ca The BUZZ LOVERS Jasmine Crowe & YellaCatt The Emo Night Tour De'Wayne STF PW: Wrestle Off 2023 Summer Kick-Off Party
6/11 Baby Rose & Q babybaby_explores Jazz on Beck Jazz Festival 6/12 ZAO 6/13 Billie Marten OLIVIA JEAN 6/14 Detzany Armchair Boogie Local Blues Night 6/15 Uma Fuzz LOCALIZED Fired Pilots Anais Chantal 6/16 Anais Chantal Our Time in Space Southernmost Gravy + The Garden Plot Ned LeDoux Fork Fest 2023 EELS 6/17 Palace of Buddies Child of Night High Wasted - Drag Dinner Annie DiRusso Brewstillery Fork Fest 2023
6/18 Fork Fest 2023 6/19 c a n d i d ! Pedro The Lion Fork Fest 2023 6/20 Arden Jones Temples Fork Fest 2023 6/21 Earth The Slaps & Manwolves Fork Fest 2023 6/22 The Callous Daoboys Black Corvus Lyn Lapid IAMX Fork Fest 2023 6/23 Thelema The Narcs Saltgaze City Heart Attack Man Fork Fest 2023 6/24 Hello Seahorse! Italo Disco Club MR. CROWLEY Catie Turner Fork Fest 2023
6/25 Odie Leigh Fork Fest 2023 6/26 Pallbearer Fork Fest 2023 6/27 Lemon's The Lip CREEPING DEATH Fork Fest 2023 6/28 Lamorn Serafima and the Shakedowns Fork Fest 2023 6/29 The Bandulus My Boyfriend's Terrible Band Godflesh Nita Strauss Serafima and the Shakedowns Fork Fest 2023 6/30 The Plastic Cherries Hey, Chels The Johns Kaskade Fork Fest 2023 7/1 JAN OURS Fork Fest 2023