S&S Presents

Milquetoast & Co

Medicine Co, Dead Cowboys
March 7, 2020
7:00PM MST
Kilby Court
741 South Kilby Court (330 West)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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Bring in your ticket to Milquetoast & Co at RYE Diner & Drinks on the night of the show and receive 20% off your meal! RYE is open for dinner, 6-10pm. Menu and details available at ryeslc.com.


Renegade musical spectacle Milquetoast and Co burst forth from the adventures and fortunate misfortunes of vocalist, songwriter and uncommon man Restless James. Mingling high-intensity, angular elements of Americana, rock and jazz with a touch of the pomp and pageantry of James’ personal blend of artsy hauteur, the project’s distinctive sound features electric guitars, accordion, horns, cello, drums and when the time is just right, a ashy visitation of kazoos. James’ bittersweet, whip-smart lyrics appear from an in nite thought vortex like swirling beacons of commiseration, glimmering hope and genuine wonder for life’s lovers and lovers of life. Songs tackle the joy and sorrow of relationships between humans and the delightful moments of beauty and irreverence they share on their journey. Milquetoast and Co’s shows o er up just under one hour of earnest yet playful, often interactive entertainment, where mesmerized audiences connect through sentimental music – which they sometimes must make themselves – with a philosophical twist. The project’s rotating cast of talented supporting players range from autodidacts and nomads to classically trained musicians and Ivy League- trained scientists; all lend a vibrant spirit of improvisation, thoughtfulness and surprise to Milquetoast and Co’s work.