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When accessing and purchasing from 24tix.com (a service of Two Four Tix, LLC), you agree to be bound to these Terms. Each ticket purchased is a license for a particular event and may be subject to additional terms along with laws and regulations set forth by the venue, city or state that the event is being held in.

Ticket Purchase Policy

24tix.com sells tickets on behalf of promoters, teams, bands and venues. As the ticketing agent, 24tix.com does not set ticket prices. Policies set forth by our clients prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after your purchase has been completed excepting in cases of event cancellation. These same policies prevent us from refunding or reissuing lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

24tix.com may not have access to the entire inventory of tickets for an event. Events may sell out. Additional ticket inventory may be added prior to an event.

Some events have ticket limits (a specified number of tickets that an individual is allowed to purchase either per order or per event). These limits are in place to discourage unfair purchasing practices. Attempts to circumvent ticket limits may lead to the invalidation of all tickets in your account.


Refunds are offered only for events that have been cancelled or where the headlining artist has been changed. Opening acts are subject to change and refunds are not offered if an opening act changes or is cancelled. 24tix.com will attempt to issue a refund using the means you used to make your purchase. We will contact you if this fails, offering you alternative means for receiving your refund. Your refund will include the face value of tickets purchased (or the price paid for discounted tickets) and sales tax only. Service fees and delivery fees are non-refundable.

If an event is rescheduled or postponed, we will offer you the opportunity to refund your order with certain limitations.


You agree to to receive notices via email sent to the email address associated with your 24tix.com account. These emails may contain information about changes to events for which you’ve purchased tickets.


Tickets may be delivered as eTickets (electronic tickets) or by First Class Mail. eTickets are generally delivered by email immediately following the completion of your transaction. Tickets sent though First Class Mail should arrive in 7 to 10 days. It is your responsibility to alert support@24tix.com in the event that your tickets do not arrive.

Limitation of Liability

By purchasing tickets from 24tix.com, you acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent for in the presentation and attendance of events. By accepting these terms, you agree to release Two Four Tix, LLC, the promoter of the event, the venue where the event is being held, their agents and affiliates from and voluntarily assume all risks and dangers of personal injury, loss of property and all other hazards, negligent acts or omissions, civil disturbance and activities arising from or related in any way to the event whether occurring prior to, during or following.

You agree to indemnify Two Four Tix, LLC, the promoter of the event, the venue where the event is being held, their agents and affiliates and hold each harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, expenses and liabilities (including legal fees and expenses incurred by you) caused in whole or in part by the sale of tickets or attendance of events for which Two Four Tix, LLC sells tickets.


Tickets are revocable licenses to attend a specified event. This license may be withdrawn and admission refused at any time at the sole and absolute discretion of Two Four Tix, LLC, the promoter of the event or the venue where the event is being held. You agree to obey and follow all rules and regulations set forth by the event’s promoter and the venue. The promoter or venue reserve the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed disorderly or fails to comply with these rules.

You and your belongings may be subject to search at the entry of the event. If you elect to not consent to search at the event, you may be denied entry without refund.


Use of 24tix.com is at your own risk. We make every effort to maintain accurate information, but there is no warranty of any kind. 24tix.com is provided on an “as is” basis. 24tix.com maintains no liability for damages or injury caused by failure in performance, error, interruption, delay in transmission or theft.

COVID-19 Health Policies

By purchasing tickets from 24tix.com, you agree to comply with all health and safety policies in place at events for which tickets are purchased. Failure to comply with these policies will result in admission being denied or revoked without refund.


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