Velour Live Music Gallery presents


The Rubies, 26fix, The Plastic Cherries, Lunar Spirit
Thursday, February 16 2023
7:30 PM MST
135 North University Ave.
Provo UT, 84601
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"Les Femmes De Velour" 2023 will be and 8 night (Feb 16,17,18,21,23,24,25,28), 30 act showcase of females in the local music scene! These events are intended to celebrate these talented female artists, build camaraderie between each other, and ultimately to inspire other young female musicians to get more active in the local music community. This event was started in the mid 90's, and revived at Velour 13 years ago where it has grown from a one night event to eight! Please come support this important event by purchasing tickets and spreading the word!