S&S Presents


Elan Blasé, Ceyz, Mamas Boy, Lil Du Bois, Mai, Omen, Lil Alice, Dante Soul Pepper, Fawson
January 18, 2023
7:00PM MST
Kilby Court
741 South Kilby Court (330 West)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

General Admission

On sale through Jan 18 2023 7:00 PM MST

Price: $10.00
Service Fee: $2.37

Elan Blasé:

Elan Blasé born (Mehkai E’lan Jones) is a rapper born from Clinton utah. Elan began writing poetry at a young age due to his family being involved with music in all aspects. Life has always peaked his interests and made him see things in a different light. Through his struggles and moments he wish he could repeat moment to moment, he gives us audio movies for us to experience. love through his lenses. Jaded outburst.


Ceyz is an artist/procedure from Layton who takes big inspiration from his favorite artist J.Cole and Kid cudi. He looks to bring that same inspiration and give it back to the people who resonate with it most through his music. 

Mamas Boy:

Born and raised in Layton UT Music had always played an important role in his life for as long as he could remember he never went a day without music. His dream to pursue music started at 19 and ever since he picked up a laptop and started to make beats he never looked back. With inspirations stemming from artists Like T.I, J. Cole and drake Mama’s brings a level of energy and story telling to his lyrics and sound that people are easily drawn to. Formally part of a music group named Eight01’s finest Working now as a solo artist and part of another Utah based music group. His only goal is to make amazing music and to touch the hearts of the people who listen to him

Lil Du Bois:

Du Bois prides himself on collaboration. Whether it's lending poignant spoken word poems on Gios4ma's (Jackson, MS) "GO LIVE" EP, providing backing vocals on King $ly's (Chicago, IL) “Moon Landing” project, or teaming up with his rising CQCX music crew to deliver head turning verses, Du Bois thrives working with his peers.

To date, Du Bois has received coverage from music executives and press outlets such as Kayvan Daragheh, Roundhouse Music, Album Book Club, The Digilogue, and more. Now, he is in the process of finalizing his sequel, "Poortraits." Fans were dazzled by lead single “magic,” and they can expect another daring scorcher in his upcoming single called “FACE THAT."


I chose music cause the first time I did it, it felt freeing. It felt like a way to be myself with no strings attached, just strictly making art. It's a rush that you want to feel over and over and again being able to create a song with endless potential to do anything out of thin air within a matter of hours. What comes with it, is you get to make countless relationships and that made it 100 times more worth it to chase that feeling for the rest of my life. Even better, is I realized I could help someone with whatever they may be going through just by telling them my feelings in a way that's enjoyable to listen. It's honestly the most rewarding thing I could think of doing for the rest of my life. Pure joy and love no matter how frustrating it is 


" Having learned his first instrument over 15 years ago, OMENS has been passionate and involved in music for the majority of his life. Drawing heavy influence from lyrical pioneers such as KRS-ONE and MF DOOM, his rap career was kicked off when he was invited to compete at the Mission Underground New York 2016 Cypher with over 200 Emcees from all over the world showcasing their rap prowess. These roots have instilled a deep love and appreciation for Hip Hop aesthetic and culture that he maintains to this day with major influence on his lyrics and message - consistently improving his bars and lyrical skills while also developing a solid base in production and expanding his musical range. Striving to be the best he can in whatever aspect, be prepared for top tier rhymes, impactful and genuine lyrics, and continuously more creative music endeavors. He shows a strong passion for music and entertainment with a deep love for the culture and wants to be a major component for positive change in the world through art. After all, 'Open Minds Experience New Sounds'. "  

lil Alice: 

If there were one word to describe Lil Alice’s music, it would be atmosphere. The Texas raised rapper (and beatmaker under the pseudonym Crow) combines sonic influences from contemporary hip-hop artists such as Lucki and SahBabii, with the ambiance and attention to detail of post-rock bands like Hammock and Explosions in the Sky. Lyrically, Alice’s subject matter is contemplative, often discussing feelings of loneliness, heartbreak, and tragedy in a soft, boy-next-door style delivery, while still finding time to showcase quick and nimble flows that demonstrate technical skill. Alice produced instrumentals for years before making his vocal debut in a collaborative EP with rapper Lil Lace in 2019, later that same year releasing the solo debut ‘Desert Star’. Roughly a year later, he released ‘Sighs’ showing off a polished and focused take on the moody sound he had made for himself so far.


Born in Landstuhl Germany, MOD took an interest in music at a fairly young age, from watching his father DJ at night clubs, bars and shows, to being taught how to himself, his musical influences vary from different genres of music as well as artist from different decades, his main objective is to create music that touches the hearts of others while relaying a message.