S&S Presents

Uma Fuzz

Dolï, She Made Love to a Void
December 27, 2023
7:00PM MST
The Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

General Admission

21 and Over

On sale through Dec 27 2023 7:00 PM MST

Price: $10.00
Service Fee: $3.40

Booth Reservation

21 and Over

On sale through Dec 27 2023 7:00 PM MST

Price: $50.00
Service Fee: $9.79

Reserve one 4-person booth! Purchase does not include entry ticket. Only 5 booths available!

Uma Fuzz is Salt lake city Sound with a soul; it's somewhere in-between slow burn rock and roll, retro-rock, grunge, and stoner-pop.  The vocals have been compared to Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, Pattie Smith, Mazzie Star, Robert Plant, and even Bjork. Some say the music is mysterious and reminiscent of film noir, but everyone agrees that Uma Fuzz is raw, powerful, and unique. The lyrics come from a rebellious attack against oppression of all forms. The songs seek to inspire action in others; to awaken the warrior within. Whatever the battle, it can be won with a little courage, a little spark of desire, and for Uma Fuzz that spark comes from the sound. The band is Sarah Little Drum (vocals), Micah Aldrege (drums), Dan Muir (bass), and Jordan Shonberg (guitar). Uma is a given name in various cultures. In it’s most ancient context, it is believed that Uma meant "wise woman". In Sanskrit the word umā can further mean "tranquillity", "splendour", "fame" and “night”. Uma Fuzz delivers impactful melodies and earworm-y riffs that bring the listener through a soundscape of raw emotion without offending the ear or losing the listener along the way. Commanding attention, this band brings a fresh perspective to what it means to be grunge, psychedelic rock, or even metal. THE SHEER AMOUNT OF ENERGY THIS FOURSOME CAN CRAM INTO 3 MINUTES IS ASTOUNDING. The band is finishing up their second studio album set to be released in Feb 2024.

* No weapons of any kind.
* No outside beverages.
* No drugs or illicit substances.
* No smoking inside the venue.
* No unauthorized/unlicensed vending, soliciting, handbills, sampling, or giveaways.
* All served beverages must remain inside the venue and back patio area.
* No flash photography.
* No moshing, crowd-surfing, or stage diving.
* No pets allowed.
* No backpacks or large bags. Small purses and fanny packs allowed but subject to search.
* Security reserves the right to search bags, perform pat-down checks, and refuse/revoke entry at their discretion. These reasons include intoxication, disturbing hygiene, engaging in hate speech, belligerent or noncompliant behavior, acts or threats of violence, disturbing other guests, etc.