S&S Presents

Post Sex Nachos

July 10, 2022
7:00PM MDT
Kilby Court
741 South Kilby Court (330 West)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

General Admission Advance

On sale through Jul 10 2022

Price: $12.00
Service Fee: $2.95

General Admission Day of Show

On sale starting Jul 10 2022

Price: $15.00
Service Fee: $4.59

From the depths of the Midwest alternative scene arises a soulful and passionate
quintet, ready to bend genres and produce tunes that will make you jump, shake, and move: Post Sex Nachos.
Charging into battle for the love of rock n' roll, this roller-coaster collective and their irreplaceable sound has shown audiences young and old, from coast to coast, the power of one thing: their music. Breathing new life into genres across the spectrum - from jazz, pop, indie rock, and straight up funk - Post Sex Nachos is here to redefine the the term "boyband" forever.
With the release of their first two self-produced albums, four original music videos, and the upcoming release of their third full-length LP, the band continues to pursue one thing: the groove. Collaborating with artists, producers, musicians, and filmmakers locally and globally, Post Sex Nachos continues to reimagine the scope of their music. Where most find a wall, they find a door, in a get-me-a-sledge-hammer kind of way.

Who is Post Sex Nachos? We're glad you asked.