S&S Presents

Dead Poet Society

BRKN Love, Sunfish
Wednesday, October 26 2022
6:00 PM MDT
741 South Kilby Court (330 West)
Salt Lake City UT, 84101
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This show has no covid requirements. Please email nic@sartainandsaunders.com with any questions.

Los Angeles-based rock band Dead Poet Society specialize in the use of fretless instruments, which gives them that extra bit of freedom to express their angst and outrage at the world and themselves.

The band met at college in Boston and comprises Jack Underkofler (lead vocals/guitar), Jack Collins (guitar), Will Goodroad (bass), and Nick Taylor (bass). They released an EP, Weapons, in 2013. Although it initially failed to gain traction, it found an audience in Mexico, where they staged their first major tour. After they had replaced Taylor with Dylan Brenner on bass, they released two further EPs, 2015's Axiom and 2016's Dempsey. With the new lineup firmly cemented, they put together their debut album, -!-, which saw release in 2021 via Spinefarm Records