Velour Live Music Gallery presents

Les Femmes De Velour - Night 2

New Shack, Sister Adolescent
Tishmal, Alyssa Pyper
February 23, 2018
8:00PM MST
Velour Live Music Gallery
135 North University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601
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Celebrating the many Femmes standing out in Provo's music scene, Velour is happy to announce our Three-Night weekend dedicated to Les Femmes De Velour! Come to hear your favorites, or to discover new artists you are guaranteed to love.

Night 1: Thurs Feb 22:
1.Julianne Brough (w/ Band)
2.Bri Ray (w/ Band)
3.Pipes (Band)
4.Mia Grace (w/ Band)

Night 2: Friday Feb 23:
1.Alyssa Pyper
2.Tishmal (Band)
3.Sister Adolescent (Band)
4.New Shack (Band)

Night 3: Sat Feb 24:
1.Little Moon
2.Shayla Smith (Of Flannel Graph)
3.Jenn Blosil
4.Mindy Gledhill