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Last, Serpents of the Rainbow
Thursday, June 29 2023
8:00 PM MDT
615 West 100 South
Salt Lake City UT, 84101
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Hailing from Birmingham, England, Godflesh are a trailblazing industrial metal act that have defied genres and enthralled audiences since 1982. The brainchild of Justin Broadrick (guitar, vocals, programming) and G.C. Green (bass), Godflesh transformed from Fall of Because in 1988, incorporating a drum machine and blending heavy metal, industrial, electronic, and dub elements. Their groundbreaking influence has shaped industrial metal, post-metal, and experimental music.
Godflesh's innovative spirit attracted high-profile fans like Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Faith No More, who invited Broadrick to join as a guitarist. Broadrick's skills also caught the attention of rock metal act Danzig, and their pioneering sound influenced the nu metal scene, with bands like Korn acknowledging their impact.
Signing with Earache Records in the late 1980s, Godflesh released the seminal Streetcleaner (1989), garnering lasting acclaim and solidifying their industrial metal status. They expanded their sonic horizons with Pure (1992), Selfless (1994), and further experimentation in Songs of Love and Hate (1996) and Us and Them (1999). Hymns (2001) saw a stylistic shift before Broadrick disbanded Godflesh in 2002, pursuing other projects like Jesu.
Reforming in 2010, Broadrick and Green reignited Godflesh's flame, releasing the highly anticipated A World Lit Only by Fire (2014) and the critically acclaimed Post Self (2017), showcasing their unwavering innovation.
Godflesh's signature sound features machine beats, powerful bass, distorted guitar, and Broadrick's haunting vocals. The duo's electrifying performances often include apocalyptic imagery and Christian iconography. Streetcleaner remains a revered metal album, testament to their unyielding pursuit of sonic innovation.
Godflesh's legacy extends beyond industrial metal, inspiring countless artists with their genre-fusing fearlessness. As they continue to evolve, Godflesh remains an inspiration to musicians, proving that true artistry is boundless.

* No weapons of any kind.
* No outside beverages.
* No drugs or illicit substances.
* No smoking inside the venue.
* No unauthorized/unlicensed vending, soliciting, handbills, sampling, or giveaways.
* All served beverages must remain inside the venue and back patio area.
* No flash photography.
* No moshing, crowd-surfing, or stage diving.
* No pets allowed. 
* No backpacks or large bags. Small purses and fanny packs allowed but subject to search.
* Security reserves the right to search bags, perform pat-down checks, and refuse/revoke entry at their discretion. These reasons include intoxication, disturbing hygiene, engaging in hate speech, belligerent or noncompliant behavior, acts or threats of violence, disturbing other guests, etc.