JRC Events Presents

Marrlo Suzzanne and the Galaxxy Band - Wake Me Up - 2010's Rock Drag Show

Friday, January 26 2024
9:00 PM MST
615 West 100 South
Salt Lake City UT, 84101
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They're back for a 2010's show run!

JRC Events Presents:

Marrlo Suzzanne and the Galaxxy Band
2010's Rock Drag Show


Doors 8:00
Show 9:00

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Metro Music Hall
615 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome to the electrifying extravaganza known as "Wake Me Up", A Live Rock Show by Marrlo Suzzanne & The Galaxxy Band! Get ready to be blown away by an unforgettable live music and vocal drag queen rock show, where the glitz and glamor of drag meet the power and energy of rock 'n' roll. This one-of-a-kind event will leave you mesmerized as we blend the talents of top-notch artists, dazzling performances, and an extraordinary live band.

Venue: Metro Music Hall, Salt Lake City

The stage is set at the iconic Metro Music Hall in the heart of Salt Lake City. Known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse entertainment, this venue is the perfect to host the vibrant and captivating "Galaxxy Band" experience.

Starring Sensational Drag Queens

Leading the charge and taking center stage are the dazzling and incomparable drag queens of "GlitterRock Galaxy." Prepare to be spellbound by the fierce and fabulous performances of:

Marrlo Suzzanne: A force to be reckoned with and Captain of the ship, Marrlo Suzzanne brings charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent that will leave the audience in awe.

M’lady Wood: With an unparalleled stage presence and a voice that can reach the stars, M'lady Wood is sure to command the spotlight.

Sequoia: Prepare to be taken on an emotional journey as Sequoia captivates hearts with soulful renditions and breathtaking artistry.

Lilia Maughan: Lilia's energetic and daring performances will ignite the stage and set it ablaze with passion.

Veronika DaVil: Exuding charm and allure, Veronika DaVil will seduce the audience with her magnetic presence.

The Galaxxy Band

Backing up these extraordinary queens is none other than the sensational Galaxxy band. Comprising some of the most talented musicians in the city, the Galaxxy band is a force to be reckoned with. Led by the talented George Cardon-Bystry on keys, Aaron Jeffers on drums, Tom Durrant and Garret Ruckert on Guitar, and Quincy Jackson on bass, this band will deliver electrifying renditions of hits from Lady Gaga, Arctic Monkeys, Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, and more.

Fabulous Costumes and Out-of-this-world Choreography

In "Wake Me Up" no expense is spared when it comes to showmanship. Be prepared to witness jaw-dropping costumes that exude creativity, elegance, and boldness, designed to complement the unique personalities of each drag queen. The choreography is nothing short of spectacular, featuring mesmerizing routines that will leave the audience dancing on their feet.

Stellar Vocals and Unmatched Glamour

The vocal prowess of the performers is nothing short of exceptional. As the queens take on iconic rock anthems and pop hits, their powerful voices will send shivers down your spine and fill the room with pure magic. Combined with unmatched glamor, the "Marrlo Suzzanne & The Galaxxy Band” show promises to be an experience like no other.

Prepare to be transported to another dimension where music, drag, and rock 'n' roll collide in a spectacular fusion of entertainment. Get ready to dance, sing along, and revel in the splendor of "Wake Me Up" at the Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City. This show is destined to be etched in your memory forever, so buckle up for a night of pure exhilaration!