S&S Presents

Oso Oso

M.A.G.S., Anxious
Wednesday, October 19 2022
7:00 PM MDT
666 South State Street
Salt Lake City UT, 84111
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This show no longer has covid restrictions.

Nothing goes quite like you plan it, and the same could be said for oso oso’s fourth full-length,sore thumb. The album is an unexpected and unintentional return-to-form; a capsule of early2021 when oso’s Jade Lilitri (he/him; vocals/guitar/bass/drums) and his late cousin TavishMaloney (he/him) holed themselves up at producer Billy Mannino’s (Bigger Better Sun) TwoWorlds Recordings. For a solid month, the three of them practically lived at the studio, craftingthis entire album together in between nerf gun fights and psychedelic trips. The idea was tospend that month writing and demoing, then take a month off to decide where and who to workwith to bring it to life––but everything happens for a reason.Less than a month later, when Tavish suddenly passed away, Jade knew immediately that hewas not going to be touching these songs. Almost nothing has changed since; aside from abrilliant mix by Mike Sappone, sore thumb was nearly complete the day the two cousins left thestudio.