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Downward, Portraits
Saturday, October 22 2022
7:00 PM MDT
666 South State Street
Salt Lake City UT, 84111
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This show has no covid requirements. Please email nic@sartainandsaunders.com with any questions.

When in 1993 some musicians got together in Bielefeld to form a Reggae band they named the band MOVEMENTS. This name expressed their feeling of being part of the MOVEMENT OF JAH PEOPLE - the spiritual and mental exodus from Babylon. They were inspired by the uniting power of RASTAFARI, the movement that has made it’s way from the island of Jamaica to Europe ever since the seventies and is best known for it’s Reggae music. But they probably had no idea how much the name would be defining the band’s development - constantly moving and changing but always true to the message and the way of the Roots.

The love for reggae brought them together and due to the band’s international character it became their goal to bring together different people through their music. And in their opinion the best way to do this was Roots-Reggae which unites all people. So the musical orientation was clear from the beginning. Nevertheless the music picked up many different individual styles. It’s these ups and downs which show vividly in the music and make it unique. Since the early days of the Rasta pioneers like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and several others much has changed in the world’s conception of Roots Reggae. It’s widely accepted and appreciated by it’s fans as the true original form of Reggae. Roots Reggae is timeless but not always mainstream.

MOVEMENTS convinced both fans and critics partly because of the cooperation with national and international artists. Names like Xavier Naidoo, D-Flame, Brothers Keepers and Söhne Mannheims speak for themselves.

Frontman is one of the bands founders, Uwe “Banton”, who is composer and song writer of most of the MOVEMENTS’ songs and determines the band’s musical direction. In 1999 he introduced the Jamaican singer Jah Meek to the band and since then they cooperate on stage and as song writers. Though the band’s members change periodically it doesn’t keep the MOVEMENTS from moving on.

The MOVEMENTS definitely have a message and they deliver it by using form and language of the authentic Reggae. But apart from songs in English their repertoire also includes German texts, both moving and religious at the same time. Long is the list of festivals and clubs where the band has played over the years.