Leatherheads presents


Saturday, June 1 2024
7:00 PM MDT
12147 State Street
Draper UT , 84020
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Crashing Wayward came together in the Spring of 2020, just when the world seemed to come to a halt. In that stillness, the band grew restless, feverishly writing emotionally fueled songs of hope, inclusion, and escape. The music on their debut album “LISTEN!” represents a cathartic release raw in approach, yet refined in tone.

Lyrically poetic and musically illuminating, Crashing Wayward paints a landscape that stretches beyond alternative hard rock and explores the diverse influences of each of its band members, vocalist Peter Summit, guitarists Stacey David Blades and David Harris, bassist Carl Raether, and drummer Shon McKee.

The band’s introductory single “Breathe,” released digitally by RFK Media in December 2022, achieved international recognition via Apple Music’s “Breaking Hard Rock” and “New in Rock” playlists, YouTube’s “Heavy Gauge” playlist, and a barrage of media interviews and radio play resulting in #1 status on radio stations in the U.S. and Canada.

Crashing Wayward’s live show is powerfully electric and engaging, inviting every audience to journey within a fully immersive experience reminiscent of their most iconic predecessors (comparisons include Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, and Foo Fighters). Performances in demanding markets such as Nashville, Las Vegas, and Hollywood, headlining as well as opening for national acts, have proven this act is well-prepared for the next level. Respected public relations icon Mitch Schneider declares them “arena-ready,” while radio/TV personality Eddie Trunk says, “I’ve seen them live already and they deliver.”

“LISTEN!” by Crashing Wayward was produced by heavy hitter Mike Gillies, whose credits include a long tenure with Metallica as well as studio work with Motley Crue and The Cult.

“Any time a new artist breaks into fresh territory like this, it tends to defy explanation,” adds RFK Media president Ron Keel. “Terms like modern alternative hard rock certainly apply, but we’re seeing – and hearing – a much bigger picture here. This is one of those rare acts with the potential to make musical history.”

Crashing Wayward genuinely pour their soul, blood, sweat, tears, and hearts into song and show. Equally primordial and intellectual, their music embodies the fundamental hypnotic quality of rock music and makes them the band to watch for years to come.