Urban Lounge Backyard Show

Genderfuq 2021

Hosted by Mona Diet feat. Stop Karen, Vengeance Tampon, Eyelash, Worst Horse, Feral Ann Wilde, Lux Saint Diamond, Agony Ray
Thursday, June 3 2021
6:00 PM MDT
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City UT, 84102
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The unofficial Pride Kickoff Party featuring trans/queer punk rock infused with drag performance art. Everyone come dressed in your best genderfuckery and celebrate Utah Pride!

Sponsored by SLUG Mag

Urban Lounge Backyard Shows
A Socially distanced concert experience

We have taken great care in approaching live events during the pandemic.  


Here are the guidelines to the event-
1. This event is OUTSIDE and SEATED. Groups will be distanced from one another in the back parking lot of Urban Lounge.
2. Tickets will be sold in groups of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10. If your group consists of two or more parties, please buy all of your tickets together under one name/transaction so that we can adequately space and prepare for your arrival.
3. Masks are required when entering, exiting, and moving around within the venue.
4. Once seated, you are welcome to remove your mask, but must put it back on if you leave your seats.
5. When ordering from the bar, please make sure your mask is back on and that you observe social distancing both when waiting in line & ordering. The bartender will be 6 feet away when taking your order.
6. Restrooms are available inside. If you need to use the facilities, please put on your mask, sanitize when entering the building, sanitize when exiting the building, and make sure to keep your mask on at all times when using the restroom.
7. Please allow only one guest at a time to enter the restrooms. Maintain distance from the restroom until the person ahead of you has exited.
8. Please remain at your seats at all times when not ordering or using the restroom. If you see friends at the event, please do not approach them until after the event. Even then, we ask that you keep a minimum safe distance and wear masks.
9. If someone around you is explicitly not following the guidelines, making you feel uncomfortable, or if you have any day-of questions/concerns, please ask the door staff or our on-site security for help.

Let's be safe and make sure that everyone is able to have a comfortable experience so that we can keep live music going!

The event space will open at 6pm, music begins at 7pm, and the event concludes at 10pm. You are welcome to hang out after 10pm during the neighborhood quiet hours for an hour after the event ends.

For further questions, please email nic@sartainandsaunders.com.