Leatherheads presents


Poet Bones
Blind Love
February 4, 2023
7:00PM MST
Leatherheads Sports Bar
12147 State Street
Draper, UT 84020

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Saint Raven consists of Tyler Bromberg on vocals and guitar, Eric Sparx on lead guitar, Braden Persch on bass, and Conner Christensen on drums. Tyler is the primary songwriter in the band: creating the song structure, rhythm guitar, lyrics, melodies, and helps produce lead guitar and bass parts along with Eric and Braden's help. Conner works on building the live show. Tyler and Braden have been playing music together since 2014. They were in a death metal band until later rebranding under the name Saint Raven in 2017 playing rock music. Eric Sparx joined the death metal project with them in 2016, and along with Tyler and Braden, they became the founding members of Saint Raven. Conner joined the band in August of 2022. During the production of the Crow EP, produced by Dan Whittaker of Flight Paths, they were still under the death metal name. Once the songs Echo and Crow were written, they knew it was time to rebrand under the new sound. The EP was an experiment for the band; they tried out many different sounds which can be heard on the record until they found the path they wanted to go down. Once the song crow was written, they named the EP after the song and Saint Raven was born. They debuted the EP in 2017. From 2017-2019, they recorded the Serenity EP, produced by Stetson Whitworth of Living in Fiction, and many singles with him. In 2020 they began recording with Clayton Blue and continue to work with him, producing the band's first full length album, Voodoo.